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Information Systems in

Sustainable Agriculture, Agroenvironment and Food Technology


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School of Agricultural Sciences

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Guidelines for abstracts

Abstracts should be 300-600 words.

Abstracts should be written in Microsoft WordTM format and should contain the title, author(s), affiliation and maximum five keywords.

Guidelines for full papers

Paper Preparation:

Full Paper
Length of paper should not exceed 10 pages

Poster Paper
Length of paper should not exceed 4 pages

Margins: 2,5cm margins in all sides. Custom paper (17cm x 25cm)

Type style: Times New Roman in 10 point.

Justification: All paragraphs should be left and right justified

Line spacing: Single-line spacing

Paragraphs: Do not indent the first line of paragraph. One line between paragraphs.
No underlining of words in text. Use bold characters instead.

Headings: All headings should be left justified and mixed case
Level one headings should be bold.
level two headings should be italic

Footnotes: Don't use footnotes

Pages Numbers: Pages are not numbered.

Title: The title should be centered at the top of the page and in mixed case.

Authors: The authors should be listed below the title, centered and in mixed case including: First name , initials, and surname, institution, department, postal address, country, email address

Abstract: A short abstract about 100 words of the major findings should follow the title.

Keywords: Key words should be added at the end of the abstract.

Figures and tables: The figure title should be below the figure, left and right justified
Table titles should be above the table left justified.

Equations: Double space between text and equations. Center equation on page. Number equations consecutively. Equation numbers should be in parentheses right justified.
Since equations often do not translate well between different word processing formats, it is likely that your equations will be scanned as images

References in text: In the text place the authors name and year in parentheses
e.g. (xxx,2001) if the authors name is not part of the sentence
e.g. xxx (2001) if the the authors name is part of the sentence
e.g. (xx et al., 2001) if the authors are three or more

Reference section: List the complete reference
Norton G. A , Mumford J. D., (1993) Decision Tool for Pest Management, Cab International, 279, pp.80-92.
Plant, R.E. , Stone, N.D., (1991). Knowledge-based Systems in Agriculture. McGraw-Hill, New York.
References should be listed in alphabetical order by author

Delivery: The full text of the paper should be supplied

 In a common electronic format (MS-Word, PDF or Postscript ) as an attached file via email

 If the text is in MS-Word format please send a paper copy so that the editor will be able to see the original/ intended layout of the manuscript.

Please send your manuscript to :