International Conference on:

Information Systems in

Sustainable Agriculture, Agroenvironment and Food Technology  


The Conference will focus on the following topics:


  Agribusiness Clusters & Netchains


  Agrologistic Networks

  Crop Modeling

  Decision Support Systems

  E-business/e-supply chain management/

   e-logistics/e-marketing/ e-commerce

  Education, Training & Distance Learning

  Environment and Food Sciences

  Environmental Control Systems

  ERP, CRM & SCM Systems

  Food Technology

  GIS and Remote Sensing


  ICT and Environment

  ICT educational syllabus in courses in Agriculture

  Intelligent Systems

  Land evaluation

  Natural Resources Management & Monitoring Systems

  Neural Networks

  Numerical Analysis

  Plant Protection

  Precision Agriculture

  Quality Control and Standards

  Sensors, GPS, Wireless Technology

  Sustainable Agriculture

  Sustainable Development

  Web-based Applications