International Conference on:

Information Systems in

Sustainable Agriculture, Agroenvironment and Food Technology  


The conference will take place in the town of Volos, Greece. The city of Volos (326 Km from Athens, as shown on the map) is the capital of the prefecture of Magnesia.


The town of Volos is famous for it’s hospitality and physical environment. Thanks to its privileged position at the foot of Mt. Pelion and Pagasitikos gulf, is an ideal place for enjoying both the sea, and the mountain Pelion. Volos is also well-known for it’s sea-food restaurants.

At the days of September mean temperature in Volos is 22.2oC. The mean maximum temperature in September is 27oC and the mean minimum is 15.7oC. The mean monthly precipitation is 35.6 mm. Volos in September has an average of 3.6 rain days.


Hotel reservations with special rates will be arranged through the Conference Secretariat and will be announced soon.